A Sleepover at Hotel Hotel

Some moments from a winter staycation at Hotel Hotel.

As a current Canberra local, I love that this place is a frequent hang for me. Whenever I'm home, I spend as many moments possible soaking up all the Mologolo Group glory - sipping G&T's at Monster, staring down walls at Nishi Gallery, taking Taj the dog for brekkie at Močan & Green Grout and generally humming around the New Acton precinct.
But never had I slept over at Hotel Hotel.

We spent a night in The Meandering Room. Of course come the time, we didn't want to leave. Take me back to that massive swim on your tummy bath, to those soft lit moody corners, to the linen robes and delicious sheets, to that Sean McConnell room service menu and to cruising around the lake on the hotels Goodspeed bicycles. 

Thanks for the stay Hotel Hotel. What a gem of a place in this totally underrated city that I'm lucky to call home.