Local Milk Retreat Gotland, Sweden

Photos from a very special week spent on the Swedish island of Gotland back in June.
I found myself there teaching photography alongside / spending time with dear friends at one of Beth Kirby's famed Local Milk Retreats. An absolute honour on its own, let alone the sweet and raw feeling of celebrating a Swedish midsummer here - in utter heaven. Think picnics and horse riding on the beach, wild flower midsummer crowns, cobble stone wanders around the medieval town of Visby, stopping for lunches full of fish and fresh pressed cider, morning yoga, afternoon fika, dinners in the forest and inside tall, white greenhouses, farm tours of endless asparagus and strawberries, flickering candles in windowsills, grey fleeced Gotlandic sheep, a group of incredibly talented women, and evening sleeps and day time relaxation at the breathtaking restored 1700's farmhouse, Hotel Stelor. Possibly the best summer ever.
One million thank you's to two of the most generous people I know - Beth, who held such grace and energy being 7 months pregnant at the time and Matt who successfully got me into drinking both coffee and beer - for an unforgettable and soul nourishing time spent together in one of my favourite places on this earth. 

Interested in joining in on a retreat?
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