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a little about lean + meadow…

lean + meadow is a visual journal created by photographer Lean Timms

A tiny atlas of food, travel and lifestyle, lean + meadow's drive is to capture and share moments from an appreciated, simple and slower paced life.

travel: Very few moments are found standing still. Constant wandering, seeking, and adventure - it's all documented and shared. From the northern hemisphere to the south, east coast to west, city streets and mountain climbs to a simple trip down the road. These stories are worth sharing. Travel is in the lean + meadow blood. 

food: It's about appreciating and documenting the story of food from the ground up to the belly. From small farms, their farmers and seasonal foraging to learning origins and local traditions and finally sparking inspired recipes and feasts. Keeping it slow. Keeping it mindful. Keeping a tight, local radius wherever in the world this may be. All shared through photographs and words or a quiet meal with friends - sweet or savoury, spontaneous or styled. 

lifestyle: To be surrounded by beauty and to seek it and to know it's possible. To keep creating. To live a life that is inspired and ever productive. To document moments of a life rich in community, appreciation and simplicity. Here you will find creative humans, well loved homes and original, curated spaces.  

a little about lean…

Lean (/leen/) is a freelance travel, food and lifestyle photographer. Although born in Australia, Lean has been lucky enough to live throughout the world including Sweden, the U.K and the USA. Lean is now currently based in Canberra, Australia.
Ever inspired by seasonal changes, food stories and travel, Lean strives to photograph and share considered, slow living moments rich in beauty and culture. 

Lean's photography has appeared in a number of notable Australian and international publications. Lean has also photographed ‘The Saints of Old Florida’, a coastal lifestyle and recipe book and 'The Little Library Cookbook', by Kate Young, Head of Zeus Publishing.

Favourites: rain, Scandinavia, travel, Taj the German Shepherd dog, gardening, tea, slow mornings, generous conversation, long dinners, snow.

Muses: changing seasons, overcast days, big cities and bigger countryside, driving open roads, Sweden, misty mountains, meadows. 

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